A pioneer in the field of habit change

As a corporate trainer and speaker, I bring the concepts of mindfulness, workplace resilience, peak performance, health and vitality alive with practical tools, science based understanding and experiential exercises for maximum impact and engagement.


As a pioneer in the field of habit change with more than 30 years experience as a life and health coach, trainer of coaches and consultant, I bring both a passion for living life to its’ fullest and an understanding of what it means to be an adult facing all of the complexities of every-day life.


Understanding how the brain works and how both physical and mental/emotional habits are formed, helps us to make the changes we want in our lives as easy as possible. Making habit change practical, understandable, easy, fun and successful is what I love to do. 


Individual & Executive Coaching

  • Creatively address challenges at work and in your personal life with partnership, insight and support

  • Release obstacles, old habits and belief systems that are keeping you stuck

  • Understand the science of how the brain works to make change easier and more long-lasting

Organizational Workshops & Speaking

  • Offer engaging workshops on resilience, mindfulness, peak performance, health and well-being to your staff and clients

  • Bring health coaching and effective health behavior change into your organization, health system, or training program.

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What people are saying

In my 40 plus years of coaching, I’ve learned one thing, and that is changing behavior to maximize one’s health is arguably the hardest thing to do. Knowing what to do and habitually following through is the “holy grail” of achieving optimal health. Linda Smith understands how our brains’ programming is the driving force behind our cravings and habitual choices. More importantly, Linda knows how to correct the faulty neuro-coding so that anyone can realize a better life. I recommend her work to every person who has struggled with sabotaging behavior and unfulfilled dreams!

Sam Varner CSCS, Olympic Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker

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