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As a pioneer in the field of habit change with more than 30 years experience as a life and
health coach, trainer of coaches and consultant, I bring both a passion for living life to its’ fullest and an understanding of what it means to be an adult facing all of the complexities of every-day life.

Understanding how the brain works and how habits are formed, helps us to make the
changes we want in our lives as easy as possible. Making habit change practical, understandable, easy, fun and successful is what I love to do.

As a corporate trainer and speaker, I bring the concepts of mindfulness, workplace
resilience, peak performance, health and vitality alive with practical tools, science based understanding and experiential exercises, for maximum impact and engagement.


As one of the founders of Integrative Medicine at Duke Health System for 19 years, a member of the MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) and as the founder and director of Duke's Integrative Health Coach Professional Training from 2008-2019, I have trained more than 1,500 Integrative Health Coaches and many of the instructors both at Duke and at other coach training programs. I have been a founding member of the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching since its inception through 2019.  

Fun facts about me

  • I am a road bicyclist. Feeling the wind rushing by, laughing with friends, experiencing the burn of muscles working. What’s not to love! My longest ride has been a century (100 miles) and my shortest has been ½ mile just starting back with an injury after surgery. Butt on the bike seat, one roll of the wheel at a time and the determination to get myself back again.

  • I love to work with groups. I create the environment that I like to be in-safe, insightful, respectful and, inviting. It’s a place where no one has to show up perfect. In fact, let’s not. It’s so much less stressful that way. We just have to show up-100% human with all of our gifts and flaws. Let’s learn from there.

  • Teaching mindful awareness as a workshop leader became part of my life and personal practice many years ago and continues to be foundational in the work that I do.

  • I once broke the side mirror off of our brand new ambulance while working as a volunteer EMT in Lenox, Mass. Let’s just say that backing that rig up into a tight ambulance bay is not high in my skill set.

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