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Living your best life can come with challenges along the way. Making a conscious choice to
partner with a coach in order to successfully navigate those challenges can make a lot of sense. Sure, you could re-evaluate your life goals, lose weight, stop smoking, change your work, your relationships and your diet, start exercising, etc on your own, but have you?

Lifestyle habits, both physical and mental, as well as the ability to choose and change them is a critical component of our health and happiness. Who doesn’t have a behavior they would either like to let go of, or to adopt for a healthier, happier life?

Have you had the experience of success followed by rebounding into past behaviors? Has it been a struggle? What would it be like to partner with a supportive coach who is highly skilled in how the brain works for health and lifestyle behavior change and who can support you in making long-term changes for personal success? If now is the time to find out, please contact me.

The Coach’s Coach

Having trained hundreds of coaches over the years, I know that we all benefit from professional coaching relationships ourselves. But who do you trust? Our personal bar for excellence is generally pretty high and it takes a strong coach to partner with us for success. Whether you are looking for someone to partner with you for lifestyle behavior changes or for mentoring in your own development of coaching skills, I am available to support your goals. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

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What people are saying

Linda Smith is a committed and compassionate health care professional with a warm- heart who, because of these traits, and her extensive experience delivering health care, providesing health centered coaching, and training for others to become Integrative Health Coaches. It is no secret that changing unhealthy lifestyle habits like poor diet choices or insufficient exercise patterns is very difficult. Yet, change is possible and Linda’s voice and sharing of knowledge will be a valuable ally to all of those folks looking to make significant, positive health and lifestyle changes.

Jeff Brantley, PhD, author, Calming Your Angry Mind and Five Good Minutes

As a primary care provider at Duke Integrative Medicine, I have repeatedly seen the transformative effects of the health coaching process in my practice. The vast majority of the people I see struggle with behavior change. They know what they need to do, but are challenged with how to make the change and even more importantly, how to make it stick — for good. Through health coaching, motivating factors are uncovered, barriers are studied and circumvented, and the client is empowered to be an active participant in the process of change. Linda Smith has created an integrative health coach training program at Duke Integrative Medicine that has already trained and launched over 1500 health coaches. I have had the pleasure of witnessing her clear and passionate style and have benefitted from her wisdom and guidance in my own health coach training. I have watched with pleasure as my patients have succeeded in using the health coaching process to enact meaningful change in their lives. Now is the time to spread the word to an even wider audience and I can think of no more qualified person to do just that than Linda Smith.

Susan P Blackford MD, Internal Medicine/ Integrative Medicine, Duke Health System

When I think of people who have inspired me in my professional life - Linda Smith is at the top of my list! Her gift of teaching, challenging, and encouraging me to live life with intention, presence, authenticity, and a “fail big” motto has profoundly affected the way I care for myself, lead and love those around me on a daily basis.

Edie Oakley, RN, BSN, MA, Oakley Integrative Health, LLC

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